Sh2-101 Tulip Nebula
Sh2-101 Tulip Nebula
Sh2-101 Tulip Nebula

Sh2-101 Tulip Nebula

This HII region is located about 6000 light years away, it’s part of the large swan nebular complex. Subject that I honestly have always underestimated, instead it reserves many details and interesting structures to see.

Trivia: inside the image is also present a microquasar, Cygnus X-1, the first subject officially recognized as containing a black hole (it is visible as a normal bright star in the left corner of the tulip).

Sh2-101 Tulip Nebula

Shooting Data

– HA+OIII (HOO) composition
– 28 480″ HA Light frames at -10°C
– 17 480″ OIII Light frames at -10°C
– 31 dark/flat/darkflat frames
– ASI 294MC pro camera
– Skywatcher AZEQ6
– Skywatcher 200/1000 PDS

Frames captured between 01/05th of April 2020 from my backyard
Bortle 8 / SQM 18.5 heavy light polluted sky

Postproduction made with PixInsight for image stacking and Photoshop/Camera raw for the color balancing and noise reduction.

HiRes on Astrobin: