IC 1848 – Soul Nebula

IC 1848 – Soul Nebula

Alongside the well-known Heart Nebula, there can only be… the Soul Nebula.
It is a vast HII (ionized hydrogen) region about 7600 light-years away from us where there is a strong star formation. That framed is only the eastern section of the nebula, too large to fit completely within the field of view of the telescope in use.

Shooting data

HA+OIII (HOO) composition
– 32 480″ HA frames at -10°C
– 21 480″ OIII frames at -10°C
– 21 dark/bias/flat
– ASI 294MC pro camera
– Skywatcher AZEQ6
– Skywatcher 200/1000 PDS

Frames captured between 30th september 2019 and 1st october 2019.

Postproduction made with PixInsight for image stacking, Starnet++ to separate stars from nebula and Photoshop/Camera raw for the color balancing and noise reduction.